Cathie Leigh Inc.

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*Federal SCA Service Contract Act [Driver Wage Determination] Compliant

Cathie Leigh Inc. 

When you need help meeting the requirements of your postal highway contract route, imagine working with a subcontractor partner that:

  • Has access to a network of over 50,000 small fleet owners and owner operators, yet cultivates a team of loyal fleets to work with on a consistent             basis
  • Operates a control center 24/7 with a highly trained staff
  • Has knowledge of postal operations, schedules and contracting
  • Owns and operates some of their own assets and resources
  • Provides real-time data via proprietary TMS software application
  • Offers multiple GPS solutions
  • Supports Star Route Carriers, but does not contract directly with the Postal Service

That subcontractor partner is: Cathie Leigh Inc. Our team specializes in supporting U.S. Mail Contractors and we want to earn your trust and business to become your partner of choice.

Who we are

CLI are partners with manufacturers, distributors, and shippers of all sizes to provide customized transportation solutions to meet their specific needs. We take the time to learn and understand our customer’s freight and treat it as if it were our own. Our experienced staff of logistics professionals is dedicated to offering superior service, and they take pride in the role they play in our customer’s supply chain.

Our proprietary transportation management solutions and suite of communications tools provide increased efficiency, speed, and visibility — optimizing both price and service for our customers.

Our web-based Customer Portal allows customers to:

  • Track and manage their shipments in real time, eliminating costly delays and miscommunication
  • Receive email notifications of delivery, new invoices and POD documentation
  • View proof-of-delivery

Cathie Leigh Inc. is a different kind of 3PL provider; large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to provide personalized service. Cathie Leigh Inc. is a 100% family owned and operated 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) Transportation Provider with physical offices operating in several states and the island of Puerto Rico.

Customer Satisfaction

We achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality service, on-going communication, and implementing a vetting process to identify quality carriers. Further we hold drivers to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence to protect your brand.

We understand the contract and operations requirements of the Postal Service such as on-time pick-ups and deliveries; knowing that even one minute late is late and unacceptable. For mail loads, we require fair and Service Contract Act compliant pay to our brokered drivers.

Subcontract with confidence! Whether your needs are seasonal or year-round, dedicated contracts or one-off middle of the night emergency recovery, we are there for you. Helping you meet all contract service requirements with high quality, on-time service. Our team works with the Postal Service on daily basis just like you. We do business based on transparency, honesty and communication.

We do not contract directly with the Postal Service, we support those who do.

How can we serve?

We can provide resources to support your increased needs for Christmas peak season but we can also assist in the following ways:

Contract Service Recovery / Protection / Growth


  • Call outs
  • Extra Trips
  • Equipment breakdown recovery


  • Seasonal resource supplementation
  • Contract start-up
  • Provide for employee driver route preference – we’ll handle the trip no one wants
  • Leave coverage
  • Performance improvement


  • Incorporate CLI into your growth strategy and proposal development – we can provide the necessary resources to allow you to bid on the contracts         you want, but lack sufficient resources
  • Assistance with solicitation debriefs

24hr Dispatch: 844-540-8730 / [email protected]

*Federal SCA Service Contract Act [Driver Wage Determination] Compliant
In addition to having our partner carriers sign an iron clad Carrier Contract Addendum outlining service requirements and performance expectations, we provide a driver(s) settlement worksheet based on actual driver logs HOS that breaks down the carrier's legal obligation to federally determined minimum driver / labor wage requirements according to the SCA and current wage determination for whatever contract / region they are servicing. To further ensure compliance that ALL drivers are being compensated at or above the established minimum wages as required by federal law, we have all partner carriers sign the below agreement to comply and all drivers to submit service logs with HOS and sign off on the Driver Settlement Worksheets confirming all hours and the minimum compensation associated with that contracted work