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Cathie Leigh Inc. Officers & Principals

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Aleighsha Elston

Owner & Operations Mgr.

(844) 540-8730 - Ext. 403

[email protected]

IP Direct Dial: 845-213-1876

NY Mobile: 845-802-6541
PR Mobile: 787-235-7357
PR Office: 787-239-8146

David Tass Rodriguez

President - Logistics Sales & Dispatch

(844) 540-8730 - Ext. 402

[email protected]

IP Direct Dial: 845-206-4689

NY Mobile: 845-240-3442
Alt Mobile: 845-802-3847
PR Office: 787-239-8146

Chuck Pawlus

Director of Postal Contracting

(844) 540-8730 - Ext. 409

[email protected]

IP Direct Dial: 801-415-5177

Mobile: Upon Request

CLI / LDI Authorized Agents

Making Cathie Leigh the BEST it can be...

Tim Price
Crystal Phakonkham

Authorized Agents / Account Mgr.

(844) 540-8730 - Ext. 407

[email protected]

[email protected]

IP Direct Dial: 336-280-0238

Tim Cell: 336-987-0543 Crystal Cell: 980-256-1237

Timo Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez

Authorized Agents / Account Mgr.

(844) 540-8730 - Ext. 404

[email protected]

[email protected]

IP Direct Dial: 845-213-1443

Timo Cell: 518-937-1681
Erika Cell: 845-242-8674

Andrea Kilmer
LTL & Partials

Authorized Agent / Account Mgr.

(844) 540-8730 - Ext. 408

[email protected]

[email protected]

IP Direct Dial: 727-233-3343

Mobile: 845-802-4442

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